WRC Welcomes Tim Peterson as Summer GIS Employee

If you someone wearing an safety vest and stretching rubber tubes across a road, attaching a small box to a post, standing next to a road sign with a tablet in hand, or measuring a bridge, say “hello!” There’s a good chance it’s Tim Peterson, WRC’s GIS summer employee.

Tim will be setting out pedestrian counters and traffic counters, conducting road sign and bridge inventories, and doing many other tasks this summer. He is a Geography student at Keene State College and hails from Brookfield, Connecticut, where he previously spent two summers with Connecticut’s State Parks Division. Tim was active in Boy Scouts, achieving the rank of Eagle, and spending time exploring the wilds of New England. Working for WRC is a good match for his love of exploration; within his first ten day of employment, he had already visited over 20 of the region’s 27 towns.

Last Updated: 21 June 2016
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