WRC 50th anniversary

WRC 50th anniversary

WRC Celebrated its 50th year in 2015

Created in 1965, the WRC (then called the Windham Regional Planning Commission) was Vermont’s first regional planning commission. People in seventeen Windham County towns understood that there was a growing list of complex, technical issues that exceeded the expertise and experience of the layperson volunteers who make up our selectboards, planning commissions and other town governing bodies. Today, the WRC provides service to 27 towns in Windham, Windsor and Bennington Counties. Windham Regional Commission’s history is the history of the Region since the 60s.



Learn about the History of the WRC 

We've written a booklet (authored by Greg Brown) and created a series of videos (produced by BCTV) and articles outlining the history of the WRC and the important role we've played in shaping the region, and planning in Vermont.    

Special thanks to The Windham Foundation for underwriting the booklet "The Windham Regional Commission - Celebrating 50 Years," and video series "50 Years of the Windham Region – 1965-2015."


The Windham Regional Commission - Celebrating 50 Years

 Read the booklet: PDF

Former WRC staff member has authored "The Windham Regional Commission - Celebrating 50 Years" to tell the history of the WRC.  But this document tells more than just the story of organization.  The founding and growth of the WRC is rooted in the history of the region itself, from the dramatic cultural and land use changes of the 1960's and 1970's through the challenges of today, and what may lay ahead.  It is as much a 50 year history of Southeastern Vermont.  


Founding and Origins of the Windham Regional Commission

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    Watch the video:  


WRC Founders Bill Schmidt and Corky Elwell kick-off the Windham Regional Commission's
50 Years of Service series looking at the early days of the organization.

Evolution of Act 250

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  Watch the video:  


Bill Schmidt and April Hensel talk about the development and history of Vermont's ACT 250
in a presentation to the Windham Regional Commission's monthly meeting held on March 31, 2015
at the Townshend Town Hall.


WRC and Act 200

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    Watch the video: 


WRC Commissioners (and former executive director and staff member respectively) Lew Sorenson
and Greg Brown talk about the history of Vermont's Act 200 and the role the Commission played its development.


50 Years of Engagement in Human Services

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    Watch the video:


Former Windham Regional Executive Directors Bill Schmidt and Jim Matteau talk about the Commission's
role in changing the way human resources was percieved by agency's and non-profits locally and accross
the state of Vermont.


 50th Anniversary Celebration: Gov. Peter Shumlin, Keynote Speaker

    Watch the video:


The Windham Regional Commission celebrates it's 50th Year on June 25, 2015 with this gathering at SIT in Brattleboro
headlined by keynote speaker Governor Peter Shumlin.



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