Guided by its Energy Committee, WRC works to help its member towns reduce both the financial and the environmental impacts of energy use, as a way to increase both town and regional resilience. WRC administers state and federal grant programs for energy efficiency and weatherization, provides technical assistance to towns, and organizes educational sessions for community energy leaders and others.

WRC recognizes that the Vermont Yankee nuclear station is a key part of the conversation about energy in our region. For more information about WRC’s involvement in VY-related matters, please click here.

Act 174 Energy Planning Information, click here.

Check out "Energy Bites," Lunchtime Programs for Energy Efficiency

Energy Bites: Lunchtime Programs for Energy Efficiency is a short series of presentations offered to energy committees and residents to learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for homes and businesses. There are many ways that residents can save money and decrease their carbon footprint. These programs highlight partners throughout the State of Vermont who are offering incentives for residents to accomplish their energy efficiency goals. 

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Windham Wood Heat Projects Gain Spotlight Across State Lines

Two advanced wood heat projects in Windham County funded in part by the Windham Wood Heat Initiative have been highlighted in the four-state effort to positively message automated wood heat. The Green Street School in Brattleboro (right) and the Windham and Windsor Housing Trust development Putney Landing in Putney are both featured as "Stoked Stories" on Feel Good Heat's website.

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Feel Good Heat Campaign Asks "Are You Stoked?" WRC Is!

The Windham Wood Heat Initiative through the Windham Regional Commission has officially become a supporter of the Feel Good Heat campaign. The campaign is a collaborative effort by environmental and community development non-profits, wood pellet producers, and automated (or "self-stoking") wood heat systems distributors across New England and New York. Together, the collaborative is growing energy independence here at home, creating local jobs and supporting our forested landscape. WRC signing onto this campaign was a natural fit with the Regional Plan because of policy supporting modern wood heating and the emphasis on supporting the local forestry industry.

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WRC Awards Grant to Red Clover Commons for Rooftop Solar

The Windham Regional Commission awarded the third round of competitive funding totaling $66,000 from the Windham County Renewable Energy Program to the development of rooftop solar on the Red Clover Commons. The Energy Committee received three strong applications and chose this project as it met the program priorities best as the solar will serve the vulnerable population residents, the applicant is a nonprofit, the installation will not only include the solar array but also an educational component displaying the generation and consumption on a screen in the public lobby, and the housing development itself is on a brownfields redeveloped site. The development will be completed before May 2019.

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WRC Receives Determination of Energy Compliance from the State of Vermont

The WRC is pleased to announce the Regional Energy Plan has received a certificate of energy compliance from the Public Service Department. This certificate enables the WRC to review town enhanced energy plans for the town’s determination of energy compliance. With an affirmative determination, the town will receive substantial deference from the Public Utilities Commission during section 248 proceedings. We’d once again like to thank everyone who contributed to the plan.

A copy of the certificate can be viewed here, while Commissioner Tierney's comments can be viewed here.

Green Mountain Power Representatives Presented to WRC Committees- Slides Available for View

The Energy and Natural Resources Committees hosted speakers from Green Mountain Power on June 7th to present to the committees and interested members of the public on the intricacies of the grid, grid resilience, and planning for increased electrification and distributed generation. The speakers, Robert Dostis VP, Stakeholder Relations and New Product and Mike Burke, Chief Field Operations Executive, gave a very informative and accessible presentation which engaged the committee members on the details, upkeep, and planning of our electrical grid. The presentation is accessible here.

A Heated Event: The Annual Wood Energy Users Conference hosted in Windham County a Success!

Windham Wood Heat co-hosted the State Wood Energy Team’s Annual Wood Energy Users Conference in November 2017.  The event was held in Brattleboro with over 60 attendees.  The day consisted of an informative morning session including presentations from the BERC on the basics of modern wood heat, the Northern Forest Center on promoting wood heat, Windham Wood Heat Initiative on lessons learned and opportunities, and a panel from state program leaders.

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New Year, New Renewable Energy Installations

The Windham Regional Commission received funding from the Clean Energy Development Fund in 2017 to run another round of the successful Windham County Renewable Grant Program. The last round yielded five projects ranging from combined heat and power units to rooftop solar arrays, experimental agriculture in solar fields, to a feasibility study for an anaerobic digester. The projects began their construction last May and have taken great strides since (project details below).

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Windham Region hosts “A Roadmap to Energy Efficiency” Roundtable

Energy efficiency: less risk than the stock market, often better returns. The economic and environmental merits of energy conservation and efficiency have long been touted, but navigating the process of weatherizing homes and upgrading heating systems can be a difficult and confusing one. On January 20, 2015, citizens from throughout the Windham Region packed the conference room at the Windham and Windsor Housing Trust building in Brattleboro, VT. The event was co-sponsored by the NeighborWorks Heat Squad, Brattleboro Climate Protection, Sustainable Energy Outreach Network, and the Windham Regional Commission.

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WRC Engages with the Clean Energy Development Fund

The Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) will distribute half of the funds in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Program Plan in or for the benefit of Windham County (equal to roughly $2.6 million of the $5.3 million available statewide).  The Windham Regional Commission has been actively engaging with the CEDF Board to support a program plan for Windham County that will provide the greatest benefit to the region.

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Energy Code Requirements: What Towns Need to Know

On March 20, 2014, town representatives from throughout the Windham Region met in the Townshend Town Hall to receive information on recent legislative changes related to the Vermont Energy Code (Act 89) and municipal requirements and opportunities to promote energy efficient construction in their communities. The event was sponsored by Efficiency Vermont in collaboration with the Windham Regional Commission.

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Notes from the February 24th Energy Roundtable

More than 20 Town Energy Coordinators, Committee members, and energy enthusiasts gathered at the Marlboro College Graduate School on February 24th 2014 to share recent energy activities in their towns and discuss challenges. Current town projects ranged widely, including the replacement of outdoor lights with LED bulbs in Dummerston, a Putney solarize campaign kick-off, and an initiative to pass a $50,000 Energy Efficiency Fund in Brattleboro. The focus for the evening was energy planning and implementation strategies.

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Solar Fever in Southern Vermont

altDuring the Fall of 2013, the four southern Vermont regional planning commissions (Windham, Rutland, Bennington and Southern Windsor) paired with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) to bring a SunShot Solar Workshop to Vermont. The half-day workshop held at Stratton Resort was designed to provide actionable information on overcoming local-level barriers to solar, addressing soft costs, and implementing a successful local solar program in the community.

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The WRC Weatherization Project Results are In!

From 2010-2012 with the help of both state and federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG), the WRC’s Energy Committee distributed funding to successfully complete fourteen energy audits and nine weatherization retrofits for municipal and county buildings.  Almost all of the weatherization retrofits included a combination of insulation improvements and air sealing.  Some projects included additional work such as removing excess attic hatches, replacing dial thermostats with programmable thermostats, and upgrading electrical fixtures to more efficient bulbs.  

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Three Years in the Making: Tracking the Progress of Town Weatherization Projects

From 2010 through 2012, the Windham Regional Commission (WRC) worked with towns throughout the region to identify savings for town budgets through municipal building weatherization retrofits. Through both state and federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG), the WRC’s Energy Committee awarded grants for weatherization retrofits for eight municipal buildings. The successful projects included the Newfane Town Office, Londonderry Town Offices, Grafton Town Hall, Marlboro Town Offices, Weston Town Garage, Putney Town Hall, Windham Sheriff’s Office, and the Windham Superior Courthouse.

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Another Successful Regional Energy Round Table

Round Table Logo

On Tuesday, May 29, 2013, the Windham Regional Commission and the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission held the Spring Regional Energy Round Table in Bellows Falls Vermont.  The event was well attended, with representation from eight Windham Region Towns: Brattleboro, Grafton, Londonderry, Marlboro, Newfane, Rockingham, Wilmington, and Windham.   The topic of the evening was financing models for municipal energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

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WRC Releases Update for Guide on Weatherizing Town Buildings

Guidance Document ImageThe WRC recently completed an update to the guidance document Weatherizing Town Buildings:  What Local Officials and Energy Committees Need to KnowThis 2013 update provides energy use results for seven of the nine weatherization retrofits completed, providing regional examples of both energy and cost savings realized through completion of these weatherization projects.  The WRC was able to compile this document through state Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funding, in addition to the many successful weatherizations completed with this grant. 

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Time To Dust Off Those Town Building Energy Audits

This winter the WRC is pairing with Efficiency Vermont to help towns implement existing energy audits conducted for town and school buildings.  As part of this effort, the WRC held a forum on how to evaluate the recommendations of a building energy audit and take the next steps to successfully improve the building’s efficiency.  The forum was held Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at the Newbrook Fire Department in Newfane, Vermont. 

The presentations given during this forum are available at the links below:

Paul Markowitz: Getting There

Bob Rueter: How to Ready your Energy Audit

Paul Markowitz: Municipal Financing Options

To help continue the momentum started with this forum, WRC will be contacting towns to help answer questions and provide guidance for projects that are poised to move forward.  Efficiency Vermont is also ready and willing to assist towns in their municipal building weatherization projects, especially when it comes to discussing models for financing.  Please contact Cullen Meves at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 802-257-4547 ext 108 if you have any questions.

Also, if your town is interested in more information about the process for completing a municipal building weatherization, the WRC has compiled this guidance document.