E911-Emergency Response Maps

Many maps produced by WRC are useful for emergency response and planning. Below is a listing of some of those maps. Most maps are not available on-line; paper copies can be ordered for a small fee, or PDF files can be provided free of charge if requested.

 Whitingham road mapTown Road Name Maps

These maps show all public and named private roads, road classification, and surface. We are updating and improving these maps, including adding important municipal buildings (generally, town offices, town garages, fire stations, and schools), and noting which Class 4 Town Highways are impassable. A listing of available maps, with links to PDFs of all 11x17 maps, is available on WRC's Road Name Maps page.

 Wilmington E911 mapTown E911 Address Maps

This series of large (generally 2x3 feet or 3x4 feet) color maps show roads, driveways, and structures with their E911 address for an entire town. These maps are available for only a few towns in the region (for other towns, see "Other Maps" at the bottom of this page):

  • Dover, 2020, PDF (not all buildings are labeled)
  • Guilford, 2021, PDF - updated!
  • Jamaica, 2011, PDF (locations only; no addresses)
  • Londonderry, 2021, PDF - updated!
  • Marlboro, 2021, PDFPDF, with contours - updated!
  • Somerset, 2011 (11x17), PDF
  • Weston, 2017 PDF
  • Wilmington, 2011, PDF
  • Windham, 2012, PDF

Additionally, Vermont's Enhanced 911 Board publishes E911 address atlases of each town the state. A listing and links to atlas can be found at http://e911.vermont.gov/map_books.

Saxtons River E911 mapVillage E911/Base Maps

We have created a number of E911/base maps of villages and downtowns that show building footprints (buildings as polygons instead of points).  These maps also show streets and often sidewalks and other features.  Addiional maps can be found on the WRC Village Base Maps page.


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