Grafton Village Wastewater Project

The Town of Grafton was awarded state funding to study the feasibility of constructing a wastewater system for Grafton Village. Further funding is available if the town decides to move forward with construction of such a system. Engineering firm Tighe & Bond has been contracted to provide the town with 30, 60 and 90% reports to “determine the appropriate delineation of a wastewater service district and the most appropriate and cost-effective means of providing wastewater service for the proposed district.”

Below you will find links to various documents produced through the project thus far and several examples of other towns and villages in Vermont to have undergone a similar process. If you have any questions regarding the process, timeline or what to expect throughout the remainder of the project please contact Town Administrator, Morgan Wilbur at 802-843-2552 or Windham Regional Commission Senior Planner Michael McConnell at 802-257-4547 ex. 110.


30% Report Description
The Grafton 30% report is the first published document outlining wastewater flow estimates and preliminary costs for different system design options and locations. The report was authored by Tigh & Bond, a full-service engineering firm with offices throughout New England and New York. The report was completed in August of 2022 and presented to the public shortly thereafter.


60% Report Description
60% engineering reports narrow down the overall scope of the engineering project. In this case the report will outline service area, more refined flow estimate numbers, include more detailed information about prospective sites and also will give readers a better idea of system construction cost and individual rate payer costs. The 60% report is a critical step in the process and will incorporate comments from state agencies and serves as the basis for system construction.

Wastewater projects in Vermont Towns and Villages


Grafton Process Timeline

1992 – Grafton Capacity Study

2001 – Sewer Feasibility Study

2007 – Phase II Wastewater and Water System Feasibility Study

Current Project Begins

2020 – Grafton Village administers wastewater survey

2021 – Village applies for state ARPA funding for wastewater study and system

2022 – Jan – Town hires Tigh & Bond to perform feasibility study
            May – Project kick-off meeting
            Sept – 30% report public meeting
            Oct – Town is awarded 3.9 million for system construction

2023 – Individual site investigations
            Aug – Public meeting 30% refresher
            Sept – 60% report public meeting

2024 – Mar  60% Report received by Town
            90% report in progress – to be added once report has been received


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