Windham Region Trails Project

The Windham Region Trails Project is an initiative with two primary goals:

  • assist Region towns and non-profits in developing successful, user-friendly public trail systems; and
  • provide resources to the Region’s residents and visitors on public trail and recreation opportunities.

Trail Resources

Promoting trails and recreation opportunities can improve the health and wellness of our residents, the economic vitality of our towns and villages, and the appreciation of our surroundings by those who live, work, and visit our region.  We’ve worked with the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation to enter trails into the TrailFinder website.  Currently, we're partnering with the Brattleboro District Office of the Vermont Department of Health to create a listing of trails in the Windham Region as part of their "Windham On The Move" initiative.


List of Trails in the Windham Region

This lists provide links to additional information for many public non-motorized trails in the Windham Region.  This list is not a trail guide nor a hiking guide (though there is a brief summary of some trails); it is instead a list of trails and a guide to where one can find more detailed information and maps. link:  Trail resources list (last updated 2/8/2021)



TrailFinder is Vermont’s official source for information on trails.  It has detailed information and interactive maps on many (though not all) public trails in Vermont and New Hampshire.  link:  www.TrailFinder.Info 

Technical Assistance

WRC has a long history of making trail maps for many towns and non-profits, and recently began doing trail user counts on pathways in the Region. We will continue to serve as a resource for trail mapping, user counts, and guidance on creating, expanding, and promoting public trail networks.

Our most recent project was to work with the Town of Vernon to map their town forest trail system and help with signs, markers, and wayfinding. Learn more about the Vernon Town Forest trails here, and here.  We also partnered with Keene State College's Geography Department in their project looking at recreation opportunities for Vernon.

We continue to do pedestrian counts on trails and recreation paths, as well as sidewalks.  These data (through the end of 2017) can be found on an interactive map here.  Our data have provided some interesting observations.



For more information on the Windham Region Trails Project, contact WRC's GIS planner Jeff Nugent at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..