Culvert Inventories

Every town in the Windham Region has culvert inventory.  A typical inventory includes, at a minimum, information on material, size, condition, location, and header type and condition. Inventories often are conducted by a WRC GIS staff person along with a member of the town road crew.  WRC GIS staff can assist your town with conducting and updating culvert inventories.

Inventory data are stored in Vermont's culvert data website,  VT Culverts (, or . For many towns, WRC creates a large map (generally 3 feet by 4 feet), a multi-page culvert atlas, and a spreadsheet of information about all culverts in town. 


Why Conduct an Inventory?

A culvert inventory can be useful for many purposes, including creating a culvert repair and replacement schedule for capital improvement planning, documenting culvert condition at a specific point in time ahead of another flood event, and more easily identifying which culverts are damaged during a future flood event for hazard mitigation planning and disaster reimbursement.

Culvert Data

The status of each town’s culvert data is shown below.

The most current version of the data are stored in unless otherwise noted. WRC can provide digital or paper formats any map, atlas, or spreadsheets we have created for each town. 



Town Full inventory Partial update Map Atlas Notes
Athens 2019   yes yes  
Brattleboro 2013  2022  -  -  
Brookline 2019   yes yes  
Dover 2018   yes  -   
Dummerston 2017   yes  yes  not yet in VtCulverts
Grafton 2013  2017 yes yes includes all driveway culverts
Guilford 2020   yes yes includes all driveway culverts 
Halifax 2014 2017 yes yes  
Jamaica 2018  2019 yes  -  
Londonderry 2013  2020 yes yes 2013 inventory report available
Marlboro 2012  2020 yes yes  
Newfane 2019   yes yes  
Putney 2015   yes yes includes report, detailed data on 3ft+ culverts
Readsboro 2018   yes yes  
Rockingham 2016 2022 yes  -  
Searsburg 2019   yes  -  
Somerset 2013   yes  -  
Stratton 2003 2021 yes  yes  
Townshend 2012 2017 yes yes includes report for 2012
Vernon 2013 2020 yes yes  
Wardsboro 2014 2019  yes yes  
Westminster 2001 2022 yes  -  
Weston 2014 2019  yes yes includes report for 2016
Whitingham 2021   yes yes  
Wilmington 2005 2020 yes yes includes report, detailed data on 3ft+ culverts
Windham 2019   yes yes includes report 
Winhall 2013 2020  yes  - includes report for 2013
Town Full inventory Partial update Map Atlas Notes
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