Parcel data

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Vermont is one of only a few states in the country where property records are maintained at the town level. Each individual town is responsible for these property records, which may include parcel, or "tax" maps.  As such, parcel maps and data—their accuracy, format, and quality-- vary from town to town.

Viewing parcel data
While each town is responsible for their own parcel maps, data are aggregated at the state level.  You can view data in the Vermont parcel viewer.  

Obtaining GIS Parcel Data

Parcel data can be downloaded from VCGI either in one statewide file or by individual town.  Data are also available through a web map service for use directly in GIS software without the need to download data.  For more information on obtaining datasets or accessing map services, see the parcel data information page on VCGI's website.

Maybe you'd like parcel data in KML/KMZ format to use in Google Earth?  Click here for info on how to download data in KML format.