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Vermont is one of only a few states in the country where property records are maintained at the town level. Each individual town is responsible for these property records, which may include parcel, or "tax" maps.  As such, parcel maps and data—their accuracy, format, and quality-- vary from town to town.

Obtaining Digital Parcel Data
Parcel data polygons for most towns can be downloaded as ESRI shapefiles from the Vermont Center for Geographic Information.  Go to the VGIS data warehouse, type in the keyword “parcels,” click "go," then click on the “download” button.  You may also download files directly from VCGI's FTP site

If you are looking for parcel data lines, data showing non-parcel boundary lines on tax maps (e.g. land hooks, utility easements—the “TZ” files), archive version of parcel data, more current parcel data, or information on data not available from the VGIS data warehouse, please contact GIS staff at WRC. 

Town Parcel Map and GIS data status

This is our best estimate as to the status of tax maps and parcel data.  * Note: "Year" indicates year of the most current data WRC and VCGI have from contractor.  More current data may exist.

Town Paper
Contractor Digital
Year* Contractor Data Notes


yes  Dibo  no  -  - lines available, contact WRC   
Brattleboro yes   CAI  yes 2017 CAI updated yearly 
Brookline yes  Dibo  yes  2003  WRC  (paper maps more current) 
Dover yes  CAI yes  2015  CAI updated regularly 
Dummerston yes  CTI  yes  2014  CTI  updated regularly
Grafton yes  Dibo  yes  1991  SS (paper maps more current);
Guilford yes Main St yes 2016 Main St   
Halifax yes  D. Todd yes 2017 D. Todd  updated regularly
Jamaica yes  town lister yes 2009 town lister contact WRC
Londonderry yes  DR yes 2006 WRC (paper maps more current)
Marlboro yes  CTI yes 2015 CTI  updated regularly
Newfane yes  CTI yes 2018 CTI  
Putney yes  CTI yes 2017 CTI  updated regularly
Readsboro yes  CAI yes 2011 CAI   
Rockingham yes Dibo yes 2016 Main St contact WRC
Searsburg yes DR no  -  -  
Somerset yes WRC yes 2013  WRC  
Stratton yes CTI yes 2013 CTI updated regularly
Townshend yes Dauchy yes 2012 Dauchy  
Vernon yes CTI yes 2015  CTI updated regularly
Wardsboro yes Dauchy yes 1998 CTI  
Westminster yes Dibo yes 2005 WRC (paper maps more current)
Weston yes CAI yes 2012 CAI updated yearly 
Whitingham yes CTI yes 2015 CTI updated regularly
Wilmington yes CTI yes 2015 CTI updated regularly
Windham yes CAI yes 2005 WRC (paper maps more current)
Winhall yes CAI yes 2012 CAI updated yearly 
Town Paper
Contractor Digital
Year* Contractor Data notes

* Note: "Year" indicates most current data WRC has from contractor; more current data may exist.  Data at VCGI may be older.   

Contractor abbreviations:

  • CAI - Cartographic Associates, Inc., Littleton, N.H.
  • CTI - Cartographic Technologies, Inc., Brattleboro/Dummerston, Vt.
  • Dauchy - Dauchy/Creamer Associates, surveyors, Jamaica, Vt.
  • Dibo - Dibernardo Associates, surveyors, Bellows Falls, Vt.
  • DR - Russell Graphics, Raleigh, N.C.
  • D. Todd - Diana Todd
  • Main St - Main Street GIS, Northampton, Mass.
  • SS - Smart Scan and Vermont's Office of Geographic Information Services
  • WRC - Windham Regional Commission, Brattleboro, Vt.