Halifax Property Map

The Town of Halifax has a 2017 property map that originated from a town-based effort. Up until about 10 years ago, the town had no property (tax) mapping.

Former zoning administrator Dan Menary began assembling a property map using inexpensive CAD software in 2003.

More recently (2008-present), Diana Todd, part-time Halifax resident with GIS skills, has taken on the task of maintaining the data and map in a GIS format.

The property map of Halifax is truly a grass roots mapping effort.

Accessing the maps:

  • Copies of the map in PDF format can be downloaded here
  • A paper copy of the map along with landowner information can be viewed at the Halifax Town Office, 246 Branch Road, West Halifax, Vt.
  • Paper copies of these maps can be purchased at the Halifax Town Office.
  • GIS data of the parcel boundaries is available in shapefile format from VCGI or Windham Regional Commission GIS staff.
Last Updated: 22 January 2018