Help Docs

Below are some help documents that WRC has developed to assist people in using GIS data and products.

ANR Natural Resource Atlas

A power point (with explanations in the Notes pane) with an overview of ANR's Natural Resource Atlas, an excellent tool for accessing GIS data without having to use GIS software.  

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Adding Shapefiles to the Natural Resource Atlas

You can add additional GIS layers (ESRI shapefiles) to the Natural Resource Atlas, such as parcel data, zoning districts, etc.  This document guides you through that process.

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Flood Ready Atlas Help Sheet

For quick access to data on data Floodplains (Special Flood Hazard Areas) and River Corridors, use ANR's Flood Ready Atlas.  It's similar to the Natural Resource Atlas, but tailored for accessing these data sets.

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Downloading Parcel Data in KML Format

You can download parcel data directly from VCGI in KML format for use in Google Earth.  This document provides a quick overview.

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GeoPDF User Instructions

A GeoPDF is a PDF file of a map, but includes its geographic reference and retains the individual layers from which the map features (e.g. roads, bulidings, parcels, town boundaries, etc.) were developed.  This means you can do thing such as turn map features on and off, and make measurements in actual ground distances.  WRC has used GeoPDFs when presenting maps to audiences where the data are complex and we want the ability to examine the data at various scales.

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Processing and GeoReferencing Old 15-minute Topographic Maps

This is an old document on how to process scanned 15-minute topographic maps (USGS topographic maps from the 1890s to the 1950s) and then georeference them for use in ArcGIS.  It's old, and USGS now offers GeoPDFs of these maps, but it's up here on the off chance someone might find something useful in it.

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Last Updated: 04 January 2022