Windham Wood Heat Initiative


 Local, renewable, clean heat for our communities


The Windham Wood Heat Initiative will yield community benefits, business success, and high performance buildings based on a sustainable local forest industry. This $1.6 million program – funded through closure of Vermont Yankee via the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) – will help at least 20 municipal, school, and public service institution buildings convert to heating with local, sustainable wood while addressing those buildings’ energy efficiency and durability needs. The program also includes public education, training for local building professionals, fuel supply procurement and other elements needed to make Windham County a long-term hub of advanced wood heat technology and practice.

CEDF defines advanced wood heating systems as those that utilize highly efficient technology, produce low emissions, support healthy forest ecosystems, and consume local wood (from within a 50-mile radius). 

Woods to Warmth:  The Journey of the Pellet  


Public schools, municipal buildings, and public serving institutions within Windham Country are eligible for assistance.

Incentives Available
Towns, schools, and public serving institutions will be eligible for technical and financial assistance with advanced wood heat (AWH) assessments including energy and building envelope analyses, repairs of previously installed AWH systems, and installations. Buildings selected for participation in the program will get one-on-one coaching through the project development, bid review, budget, and public approval process, plus incentives of 25% of the installation cost of the boiler system (with a maximum of $75,000) and an added 10% of that installation cost if the buildings pursue energy conservation measures outlined in the audit report (with a maximum of $25,000).

About the Windham County Team
A Windham County-based project team consisting of seasoned business and non-profit and public entities, leveraging regional and national expertise, created the program now housed with the Windham Regional Commission, a quasi-public agency assisting towns in southeastern Vermont to provide effective local government and work cooperatively with them to address regional issues. The commission draws advice from the team and its advisory committee consisting of:

  • Sustainable Energy Outreach Network: a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a strong renewable energy and energy efficiency economy in southeastern Vermont.
  • Building Green, Inc.: a consulting group specializing in an integrative approach to design, specification, and construction that minimizes ecological impact and maximized economic performance of buildings.
  • Innovative Natural Resource Solutions: a consulting group specializing in forest policy, renewable energy, environmental auditing, land conservation and wildlife management.
  • Northern Forest Center: a non-profit organization catalyzing economic opportunity and community vitality from healthy working forests.

For Interested Towns, Schools, Institutions
To inquire about the available opportunities, contact Marion Major: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (802) 257-4547 x109.  You will be asked for some basic information about your building, including current heating system and average annual fuel bills, and lean what the next steps will be based on your particular situation.

Completed Projects
Windham Wood Heat Initiative has supported 24 projects to date with 8 new system installations completed or currently underway, 20 comprehensive audits, and 2 system upgrades. The program has 3 more installation projects lined up for installation in the summer of 2018. We are happy to arrange tours of the completed systems and to connect you with those who’ve made the switch- contact us if you’d like to make a connection! The current list of installed systems is below:

Academy School, Brattleboro:

  • Boiler Type: Froling P4
  • Fuel Type: Pellets
  • CO2 Avoided: 164.18 tons
  • Avoided Oil: 14,748 gallons
  • Square Footage: 79,758.75
  • Installer: ARC Mechanical Contractors

Esteyville School, Brattleboro:

  • Boiler Type: OkeFEN 32kw
  • Fuel Type: Pellets
  • CO2 Avoided: 12.32 tons
  • Avoided Oil: 1,100 gallons
  • Square Footage: 1,072
  • Installer: Lyme Green Heat

Floodbrook Union School, Londonderry:

  • Boiler Type: Froling T4 150
  • Fuel Type: Pellets
  • CO2 Displaced: 143.65 tons
  • Avoided Oil: 12,826 gallons
  • Square Footage: 44,603
  • Installer: Sandri

Green Street School, Brattleboro:

  • Boiler Type: Froling T4 150
  • Fuel Type: Dry Wood Chips
  • CO2 Displaced: 88.02 tons
  • Avoided Oil: 7,859 gallons
  • Square Footage: 31,000
  • Installer: Froling Energy

Guilford Central School:

  • Boiler Type: OkoFEN
  • Fuel Type: Pellets
  • CO2 Displaced: 98.78 tons
  • Avoided Oil: 8,820 gallons
  • Square Footage: 28,000
  • Installer: Froling Energy

Marlboro Elementary School:

  • Boiler Type: OkoFEN
  • Fuel Type: Pellets
  • CO2 Displaced: 63.38 tons
  • Avoided Oil: 5,659 gallons
  • Square Footage: 18,804
  • Installer: Sandri

New England Center for Circus Arts, Brattleboro:

  • Boiler Type: OkoFEN 60kW
  • Fuel Type: Pellets
  • CO2 Avoided: 30.8 tons
  • Avoided Oil: 2,750 gallons
  • Square Footage: 7,200
  • Installer: Sandri

Putney Landing Affordable Housing Development*, Putney:

  • Boiler Type: Froling P4 60
  • Fuel Type: Pellets
  • CO2 Avoided: 62.58 tons
  • Avoided Oil: 5,587 gallons
  • Square Footage: 17,850
  • Installer: Al Jeffers and Sons Inc.

*Project under construction


Annual Wood Energy User's Conference:  click here for an article about this successful conference, held in November 2017 in Brattleboro.

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