Assessment Funding

The Windham Region Brownfields Reuse Initiative has received money from the US EPA to assist with the redevelopment of abandoned or under-utilized properties. Property owners or prospective purchasers can take advantage of the technical assistance this grant funding can provide. The WRBRI hires consultants to complete environmental site assessments and, if needed, develop plans to remediate the site.  We work with both publicly-owned and privately owned sites.

How Do I Participate?

Participation is strictly voluntary. Once a property owner decides to pursue the program, a Site Nomination form must be submitted for review by the WRBRI Steering Committee. If accepted into the program, participating property owners will be required to sign participation and access agreements. With few exceptions, sites meeting the brownfields definition are eligible for our program. This includes a wide variety of sites: former gas stations, mills, manufacturers, auto or machine repair, rail yards, manufactured gas plants, lumber yards, warehouses, factories, sites with underground storage tanks, or any other commercial or industrial sites.

Application Forms

Appliation forms can be found on the Brownfield's Forms page.

Last Updated: 26 August 2013
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