TrailFinder Can Help You Plan Your Next Hike

The Windham Region is blessed with many hard-working organizations that build and maintain non-motorized trails. With so many organizations though, it means you have so many different places to look when you want information about local trails. Enter TrailFinder, which can serve as a one-stop portal for trail information.

TrailFinder, located at, contains information on many trails in both Vermont and New Hampshire. It has been adopted by the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation as the primary source for trail information here in the Green Mountain State. Windham Regional Commission has been working with many organizations in the region to get their trails into TrailFinder.
While TrailFinder doesn’t contain every trail in the region (we’re working on that!), it does have one big advantage over other online trail sites. TrailFinder information is supplied by the very organizations who manage and maintain the trails, meaning the content comes from a trusted source. Also, most trail entries contain information and links relating back to those managing organizations. This not only means you have a place to go to find answers to questions you might have, but it also helps build recognition and support for those hard-working organizations on whose efforts we depend.
Consider giving TrailFinder a try. You don’t need an account to access the information, but a free account lets you post comments which fellow hikers may find helpful when planning a trip.
Last Updated: 10 June 2022
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