LEPC-6 Transitions Away from WRC

You may have heard that the Local Emergency Planning Commission 6 (LEPC-6) is in transition. That is true, and here is some information about what's new.

The June 19th LEPC-6 meeting was the last meeting organized with WRC involvement. For a number of reasons, WRC felt it was the right time to transition away from LEPC-6 involvement and towards creating our own method of involving the public and our emergency management partners going forward. June 30th is the last day that WRC will serve in the Secretary and Treasurer roles. Additionally, Paul Fraser is stepping down as Chair on June 30th. We want to thank him for his dedicated, enthusiastic and entertaining service throughout the last three and a half years.

The LEPC-6 will move forward starting on July 1 under the leadership of the current Vice Chair and soon-to-be Chair, Erik Rosenbauer. Erik has become familiar with the LEPC-6 during his committed involvement over the last several years, and he is a member of the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC). We will support him and his efforts into the foreseeable future as he gets the LEPC-6 set up in his vision.

The LEPC-6 has always been an independent organization and will continue to be. What this means for current members is that Erik will now organize and lead the bi-monthly meetings. Tier II filings and all LEPC-6 related emails should go to the new email account: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There will also soon be a new LEPC-6 website.

A benefit of this transition is that the WRC will be able to provide greater focus on the needs of our town emergency management directors and other local emergency planners. The LEPC-6 had been a forum through which the region's emergency managers would convene, but its actual statutory focus is limited to Tier II hazardous materials. WRC will begin having quarterly Emergency Planning related meetings, forums, and roundtables beginning this fall. Please stay tuned for more about this coming soon! We will be reaching out to local emergency responders, planners and interested parties to inform us how best to work with and learn from one another, what the priority issues are, and what role the WRC can best serve in supporting emergency management for the Windham Region. We're not going anywhere-we're just shifting! We hope you will stay tuned and get involved!

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