The WRC has a strong commitment to transportation planning that accurately reflects the priorities of all the communities it serves.  Our transportation program is based on the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s (VTrans) Transportation Planning Initiative (TPI) Manual and Guidebook, a collaboration between VTrans and the eleven Vermont Regional Planning Commissions.

Our Transportation Work Program is directed by the Transportation Committee that includes representatives and key stakeholders from towns and organizations in the region. Part of their work includes an annual prioritization of regional transportation projects which helps VTrans to prioritize their work across the region.  Staff also conduct traffic studies to collect vehicle volume, speed and classification (link to Traffic Count request form). More information about the Committee meetings, agendas and work can be found here.

Transportation planning services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Regional and State Planning

  • Regional Transportation Plan
  • Corridor management plans
  • Transportation modal planning (e.g. Bicycle and pedestrian, public transportation, freight, rail, intermodal, etc.)
  • Scenic preservation planning
  • Legislative reports and reviews
  • Annual Capital Improvement Transportation project prioritization
  • District Leveling prioritization
  • Participation in Act 250 proceedings
  • Support State transportation planning activities

Town Planning and Implementation

  • Town plan transportation chapter
  • Traffic studies/analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Town technical assistance on Regulations and Standards
  • Public involvement and education
  • Safe Routes to School program support
  • Project development
  • Grant assistance
  • Town Highway Bridge Pre-Candidate prioritization
  • Municipal project management

Transportation Infrastructure Planning

  • Town bridge and culvert inventories
  • Town road inventories
  • Traffic counts (i.e. volume, vehicle classification or speed)
  • Capital planning and budgeting

Regional Transportation Plan Update

The Regional Transportation Plan Update was recently completed through the work of WRC staff, with input from the WRC Transportation Committee and our towns.  The plan was approved at the Transportation Committee meeting held on June 10th, 2013.  This update set the model for the currently onging Regional Plan Update, and will be up for town approval as an addendum to the Regional Plan during the public review process.  A digital copy of the Transportation Plan can be found by following this link to our Publications page, or by clicking on the "Publications" tab above.  The plan is divided into chapters and found under the heading "Regional Transportation Plan" on that page. Any comments or questions can be directed to Matt Mann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ext 120.

Last Updated: 14 January 2019
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