WRC Begins Municipal Energy Planning with Three Pilot Towns


These towns have demonstrated that they are ready to complete a "deep dive" into their energy usage and needs, and develop a comprehensive energy plan that addresses land-use planning, transportation systems, building efficiencies, and energy generation.. The resulting town plan policies will need to be "internally consistent" within the different planning elements.

This municipal energy planning pilot project began in March 2017, and the WRC team aims to help the three towns to have a completed draft of their enhanced energy element by the end of June. During this time, the WRC will provide technical assistance in the form of current energy use calculations, target calculations for energy efficiency and potentially generation, and resource mapping to the Vernon, Westminster, and Londonderry energy planning teams (all other towns can expect similar data and maps by the end of April).

All this technical data will result in more informed energy-related policies that are created by (and specific to) each town, and reflect the most appropriate pathways for that community. From this pilot process, the WRC will develop a best practices guide that will inform how best to work with other municipalities in their energy planning.

For more information about this energy planning process and Act 174, see the WRC's Energy Planning page.

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