Evacuation Plan Template Now Available

At an LEPC-6 meeting, a request was made for assistance in evacuation planning for towns. Emergency Planner, Alyssa Sabetto, has developed an "Evacuation Plan template" for towns to customize for their unique circumstances. In putting this template together, Alyssa received information from several town officials, VT State Police, VT Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, VT Agency of Human Services, and VT Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS). This template is available by contacting Alyssa or visiting our Emergency Planning webpage. The template has been approved by Vermont DEMHS and will become a new appendix in the 2017 LEOP (it will not be a requirement).

This template is meant to help towns create an evacuation plan and evacuation mapping. In doing so, keep in mind that it is important to talk with the larger facilities present in your town, including, resorts, medical facilities/clinics, schools, daycare centers, nursing homes or senior centers, and those who may need special assistance during an evacuation. This serves to coordinate evacuation planning and set expectations beforehand so no one is left wondering who will do what when. In creating your plan and mapping, consider creating a front/back handout with information and mapping for residents to have should an evacuation be necessary (see appendix 4 of the template for an example). The Evacuation Plan template contains general guidance information that would be relevant to all towns in advance of and during an evacuation, and it is modifiable so towns can add specifics for their own purposes. There are eight appendices included that should be specified for your town to be of use.

If your town already has an evacuation plan and evacuation mapping developed please let Alyssa know. Also, make this an opportunity to review and update your current plan. Does your plan contain the elements in the attached template? Have you recently talked with and coordinated evacuation planning expectations with the relevant facilities and other town stakeholders? Do you have evacuation mapping developed, and have you shared that with your residents so they are educated about this issue? These are some considerations to make in reviewing your current evacuation planning efforts.

If you have questions, need assistance, or would like us to review a plan with you,please contact Alyssa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 257-4547 ext. 108.

Last Updated on 24 October 2016
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