WRC Awards Grant to Red Clover Commons for Rooftop Solar


The Windham Regional Commission awarded the third round of competitive funding totaling $66,000 from the Windham County Renewable Energy Program to the development of rooftop solar on the Red Clover Commons. The Energy Committee received three strong applications and chose this project as it met the program priorities best as the solar will serve the vulnerable population residents, the applicant is a nonprofit, the installation will not only include the solar array but also an educational component displaying the generation and consumption on a screen in the public lobby, and the housing development itself is on a brownfields redeveloped site. The development will be completed before May 2019.

The Windham Regional Commission’s Windham County Renewable Energy Grant Program (WCREP) offers matching grants for renewable energy generation projects within Windham County. The funding is awarded through the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF). This is part of the funding that was dedicated for use in Windham County as part of the State’s settlement agreement with Entergy Vermont Yankee.

Last Updated: 27 August 2018
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