WRC Plan Update

Next Meeting:  TBD
Liaison :  Chris Campany
Meetings:  the Committee will resume meeting upon commencing the next plan update cycle or to amend the plan

Purpose:  The Regional Plan is required by Statue to be updated every eight years.  The 2014 Windham Regional Plan was approved in September 2014 by a unanimous vote by the Town Commissioners. The current plan will expire in September 2022.  The Regional Plan Update Committee oversees the updating process, with assistance and input from the other WRC Committees.

The purpose of the Windham Regional Plan is to provide guidance for change in the Windham Region. The Plan reflects shared values and concerns of the people who live in the 27-towns and it discusses issues facing the Region. Based on a set of over-arching regional goals and priorities, the Plan sets long-term policies for the region.


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